Dedicated R& D efforts to stay one step ahead of future

In-house Design Dept.

With the advent of innovative technologies that have been introduced over a time for aluminium extrusion, Indo Alusys Industries Limited has diversified its Research and Development efforts in the realm of aluminium extrusion and aluminium architectural products to expand pan India by establishing a benchmark with its sophisticated product range.

An in-house design depth supported by a team of experienced professionals is instrumental in coming up with cutting edge designs in tune with modern building technology. At Indo Alusys Industries Limited, we aim at developing road maps towards sustainable aluminium extrusion to produce high quality aluminium products with high-end properties. Without compromising on the quality norms and properties of aluminium, we try to develop the best and advance technologies in order to deliver the pace to the present as well as future applications.

New techniques for extrusion are being developed that will allow thinner walls, and consequently less weight, while still maintaining adequate overall strength. Component manufacturing and assembly processes will further improve the advantages of extruded Aluminium.

Aluminium Extrusion Comes of Age

Our astute team of well experienced researchers and developers have made feasible enhancement in productivity by reducing the consumption cost and environmental impact of technologies utilized in aluminium extrusion. The usage of aluminium by global customers for commercial and non-commercial purposes has been growing therefore to meet the requirement of its customers - Indo Alusys Industries Limited has diversified aluminium extrusion and aluminium architectural products i in terms of design and functionality of to serve myriad industry applications. Developing ultra-modern techniques and timely improvements are the prime focus of research centers at Indo Alusys Industries Limited. R& D efforts are continuing to reach new heights in manufacturing aluminium products and different architectural hardware.

Roadmaps to Unmatched Aluminium Components

At Indo Alusys Industries Limited, R & D is also directed towards discovering technologies for extrusion that help in lowering the cost while improving quality.

We work closely in a systematized environment to promote and scale up the use of diverse forms of aluminium products in architectural and industrial applications. In order to arm ourselves for the future requirement, we conduct incessant research & development efforts at in house design unit of Indo Alusys Industries Limited to emerge as India’s leading industrial aluminium extrusion product developer and manufacturer.