Manufacturing dimensionally precise aluminium solar panels

Solar Profiles

Solar Aluminium Panels

Powered by industrial expertise we manufacture highly efficient solar aluminium panels with world class attributes. We use newest technologies in manufacturing solar aluminium panels that are slowly gaining acceptance and we are updating our aluminium extrusions methodologies to successfully meet these demands.

The company enjoys a great strength of having all required facilities under one roof and with a qualified team of experienced engineers and modern systems in place we are able to produce high quality Aluminium Solar frames.

IAIL is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

We are capable of supplying sections duly cut to size & finished (anodized) ready to use as Solar Frames. Our aluminium solar frame sections come in various shapes and sizes, to accommodate your specific applications. Our aluminium solar frame adopts connector or screw joint, resulting in well-fixed structure with great durability. The malleability of aluminium allows flexibility in the design of supports and frames for solar panels. Extruded aluminium tubing can be attached at atypical and exact angles while requiring fewer parts and connections. This provides the necessary accuracy in the alignment of the solar panels for maximum energy yield.We have developed Solar Frames P.V. Cells for well repute Solar Industries.

IAIL Aluminium is closely working with PV industry producing components for a range of products includes PV panel frame and mounting profiles. We supply quality aluminium extrusions, aluminium shapes, and fabricated aluminium parts to some of the most demanding companies in the PV industry

Aluminium extrusion is the metal of choice in solar frames because of its heat bearing capability, non-corrosive properties, and weather-resistant advantage of these solar panel architectures.

We can make customized aluminium frames for solar power modules to meet the different specifications and requirements. Our production capability, product precision and quality have placed us as one of the best producers in the industry.

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