Answering questions and clearing doubts


What are the manufacturing capacities/facilities you have?

IAIL has four numbers of Hydraulic Extrusion Presses of 2100 US tonnes, 1650 US tonnes, 1250 US tonnes and 1100 US tonnes capacity. The operations are controlled by Micro-processor based technology and programmable logic control (PLC) system for the above extrusion presses. Furnaces are equipped with fuel efficient regulative burners.

Are you into exports? Which markets do you export to?

IAIL's products are exported to various countries. The Company has been awarded many times by Engineering Export Promotion Council and other Government Agencies for its excellent showing in exports. Some of the countries to which IAIL exports its products are Europe, Middle East, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

What are the Aluminium Alloys that you supply?

We produce Aluminium Extrusions in Alloys 6063 (HE9WP), 6061 (HE20WP), 6351 / 6082 / 64430, 6005, 6060, E1E, E91E/ 6101, NE4, NE5. We also produce 2024/7075 Series, 2014 & Solution Heat treated Alloys.

Are the billets ultrasonically tested?

Yes, we carry out ultrasonic test against specific customer's request at additional cost.

Can we have a catalogue of your range and price list of all sections?

IAIL dies are developed for different applications. The general catalogue is available on this website. Prices depend on the profile and alloy.

Can you supply Extrusions in anodized/painted condition?

Yes, we have in-house facilities of Natural anodizing/Electro colouring and Powder coating (as per international specifications).

Can material be supplied in specific cut lengths?

Yes, material of any length between 1-8 meters can be supplied. However, for maximum stuff convenience, lengths of 5850mm and 5950mm for 20' & 40' containers respectively are suggested.

Which Aluminium alloy is generally used for Architectural Sections?

The most popular alloy used worldwide for extrusion in architecture is AA 6063 equivalent to Indian Standard 63400 or British HE9 or Canadian 50 S.

Are your sections approved by any reputed Institutes?

Our aluminum extrusions sections are approved by National Thermal Power Corporation, Indian Railways, Ministry of Defense, Department of Atomic Energy, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Power Grid Corporation etc.( WILL REVIEW AGAIN )

What is your after-sales service mechanism?

Being an IS/ISO 9001:2000 certified company, materials are put into 100% inspection before dispatch, subsequently, possibility of rejection at the customer's end is rare. Complaints arising thereafter are attended to at the customer's premises jointly by the IAIL marketing/technical staff and the problems are sorted out to the satisfaction of the customer. Appropriate corrective and preventive actions are put in place to prevent recurrence.

What are the terms and conditions of new die development?

Security for new die cost would be borne by the indenter which is non-refundable. There also are minimum quantity restrictions in respect of initial off-take and subsequent off-takes. Specific details can be provided on request.

Can you supply the exact quantity ordered?

Every care will be taken to supply according to customer’s requirements. There will, however, be a quantity tolerance of minimum +/-10%.

What is the minimum order quantity to be supplied in one lot?

For the existing and the new profiles, the minimum order quantity per profile will be 300 kg / and new profiles 500 kg.

What is the lead time required to execute an order?

For existing profiles, the lead time will be two weeks from the date of receipt of technically and commercially clear order

Are aluminum extrusions recyclable?

The aluminums extrusions are recyclable and have a substantial scrap value. Hence, it is economical as well as environment friendly. Recycling aluminums consumes only 5% energy required in producing new aluminum.

How do I determine the right aluminum alloy?

Though several alloys and tempers might be suitable for your application, it is structural or fabrication requirement that forms the basis of choice. IAIL can help you in choosing the best suited and the most economical alloy for your specific needs.

What is the circumscribing circle size and what is maximum circumscribing circle supplied by you?

The circumscribing circle size is the smallest diameter circle that will completely enclose the entire cross-section for the extruded shape. We can supply circumscribing circle of a diameter up to 195mm.

Where can I place the order?

You can place your enquiry/order with our Regd. Corporate Office:

Indo Alusys Industries Limited

Address: 606, Tolstoy House, 15 Tolstoy Marg,
                  New Delhi- 110001, INDIA
Phone:     +91-11-43564200
Fax:          +91-11-23312677
Mail Id:,

What are your terms and conditions in case of cancellation/variation on the order placed?

For existing dies an order can be amended or cancelled provided prior approval of IAIL, marketing department. However no order can be amended or cancelled, if the item has already been extruded prior to the request.

For any new die, if an order is cancelled, then the SND (Security for New Die) would be forfeited and the customer would be debited for trial charges. Any commercial amendment and also for change in length / quantity would be accepted, if material is not extruded.