Extruding aluminum with cutting edge techniques

Aluminum Extrusions

The story of Indo Alusys Industries Ltd. (IAIL) formerly Mahavir Aluminium Ltd. is one of innovation, dedication and diversification since our inception in 1982. We have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Extruded Products / Profiles in India. Besides being a pacesetter for the industry, we have acquired an able track record of rendering satisfactory services to our valuable customers in India and globally.

IAIL plant is located 70 kms from the capital of India, New Delhi in the highly developed Industrial Area of Bhiwadi in the Alwar district of Rajasthan and its head office is at Tolstoy Marg ,Connaught Place, New Delhi-10001.


IAIL has Hydraulic Extrusion Presses of 2100 US tonnes, 1650 US tonnes, 1250 US tonnes and 1100 US tonnes capacity. The operations are controlled by Micro-processor based technology and programmable logic control (PLC) system for the above extrusion presses. Furnaces are equipped with fuel efficient regulative burners. Our installed capacity has now reached to 22,000 MTPA to meet the ever increasing demands of the market.


The Plant has a most modern foundry to cast high quality Aluminium alloy billets applying hot top casting process. The alloy composition of the billets is controlled by computerized spectrometer at the stage of melting and subsequent casting. The plant also has sophisticated extrusion handling systems / equipments, which includes Automatic Extrusion Pullers and other related equipment like Lift-off Conveyer, Walking Beam, Storage / Transfer Conveyer, Saw Conveyer etc. to avoid manual handling and to produce scratch free material suitable for subsequent treatments like Anodizing, Electro Coloring and Powder Coating. The technology has been acquired from USA, Germany and Italy.


IAIL has the distinction of being the only extrusion Company in India to have ISO 9002 and ISO 14001:2004 Certification from world renowned certifying agency DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) of Netherland.


At IAIL quality is thoroughly checked through a series of quality control measures that are applied at every stage of operation to ensure ''ZERO DEFECT.'' Very strict and close control of raw material Aluminum and its alloys is achieved by analyzing and controlling chemical composition through a computerized spectrometer.

Extrusion dies which form the heart of an extrusion process are manufactured in house by computerized CNC Milling and CNC Wire Cut machine and Spark-Erosion-cum-Electrical Discharge machines and subsequently polished through super finish polishing machine to achieve a very high degree of dimensional accuracy, close tolerances and smooth surface finish for its extruded profiles and sections. IAIL offers wide range of extruded profiles for all major end use segments and have approximately 8000 dies to cater to high quality extrusion requirements in various industry sectors.


IAIL has its in-house facilities for anodizing and electro coloring with sophisticated technology acquired from Italy. Anodizing and Electro Coloring is an electro chemical process which gives an anodic thickness of the desired microns. According to the requirement this can be deployed by making available natural (Mat/Satin), very light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black shades. Besides these colors, IAIL has processes for various other colors to suit the requirement of its customers with up to 30 microns and length up to 6.2 meters.


IAIL has powder coating facility, which is the ultimate and latest in architectural field. Powder coating of polyester, or epoxy powder paints are excellent in their quality that contains 100 percent solid material. This is without non-essential or superfluous components being applied to the objects by one of the well-known methods of electrostatic charging. We can undertake powder coating of aluminium extruded profile of length of 25 feet / 7.62 meter in different colours.


IAIL can supply the material in various color shades with coating of 60 to 80 microns or more as per requirements of its customers.

  • Stable, rich and uniform color surface
  • Excellent durability after special electro chemical treatment
  • Anti Corrosion and weathering of colored surface against air pollution, sunrays and humidity
  • No discoloration by ultra-violet rays
  • More than 60 percent of the aluminium products in the world are produced by this process. This process is acknowledged as better as and more economical than any other process.

A minimum quantity of 300 kg in one specification is acceptable in case of sections included in this catalogue. In case of enquiry for a new section, a minimum quantity of 500 kg is acceptable. By “specification” we mean section number cut length, alloy and temper, packing etc.


Indo Alusys is also known for manufacturing high utility pre fabricated components that are customized as per the application requirements of the customers. These ready to assemble components are developed in innovative patterns, our products are developed as per the industrial specifications on quality and design.


Extrusions will be supplied in standard length of 3.66 meter and/or more or as per requirements.


The weight per meter length given in this catalogue is the nominal weight and should be treated as an indication. Actual weight may vary ± 10% of the catalogue weight.


Sections will be supplied in our standard dimensional tolerances as per BS Standard BS 1474: 1987. Although the dimensions have been indicated in MM in the catalogue, to ensure that the correct section is ordered, the full dimensions and tolerances should be confirmed.


Material will be supplied against ordered quantity within the shipping tolerances of ± 10%.


For expeditious execution of orders and for supplies of right material, it is desirable that complete details regarding specifications and application (end use) of materials ordered are indicated. While placing orders, kindly ensure to indicate the following:

  • Section No.
  • Alloy & Temper
  • Cut Length (in mm)
  • Quantity (in kg)
  • Surface finish and exposed surface
  • End-use
  • Mode of packing
  • Conductivity, if required