Ensuring herculean strength for automotive sector


Aluminium extruded profiles with high tolerance and light weight are extensively used as part of automobile components. Indo Alusys manufactures a diverse array of dimensionally accurate extruded profiles for the automobile industry.

Aluminium is the solution both for the simplest and most complicated demands of the industry. Being a versatile metal its capacity knows no boundary, as it is flexible and it can be easily moulded into the most advanced designs and has herculean strength. Prudently utilizing the aluminium advantage Indo Alusys has emerged as a foremost enterprise, manufacturing both standard and customized Aluminium extruded products. Innovative designs and an in-depth understanding of the modern automobile needs have enabled IAIL to earn a place of trust and confidence in the automobile sector. Excellence, accuracy and consistency are the significant criterion defining the level of our commitment since the inception of the company.

Extrusion Process

The theory that works for aluminium extrusion is based on control and management; factors such as temperature, speed, tooling design and timing have to be cautiously monitored and controlled. The professional team at Indo Alusys performs each step carefully starting from heating of aluminium billet, pressing through custom-made die, cooling and stretching thereby ensuring that profiles are straight. In addition to this, relevant measures are taken to provide aluminium profiles having precise functional dimensions, proper surface quality and high tensile strength. Aluminium Extrusions are extremely suitable for manufacturing complicated parts of the automobiles. For instance low friction and hard wearing surface make aluminium perfect for sunroof channels while its use in roof rails increases the aesthetic appeal without augmenting the total weight of the vehicle. Extruded aluminium is increasingly used in heat transfer parts of automobile like radiators and air conditioning due to attributes like high ductility and thermal conductivity.

Serving the Automobile Sector

The clientele of Indo Alusys includes some of the renowned manufacturers of buses, tractors, two wheelers and heavy vehicles. The demand for aluminium extruded components and profiles manufactured by Indo Alusys is increasing in the transportation industry owing to light weight, tensile strength, flexibility and surface finish that helps in augmenting the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. It is the industrial experience of more than three decades that enables the company to multiply the potential of extruded aluminium making it ‘The Favorite Metal of the Automobiles’.

Value Addition by Indo Alusys

At Indo Alusys, we understand the intricacies of automobile operations and thus we provide extruded aluminium components fabricated with expertise and as per the international standards that ensure impediment free functionality for our customers.

The alloy variants of Aluminium Extrusions produced by us are the following

  • 6063 (HE9WP)
  • 6061 (HE20WP)
  • 6351 (HE30WP)
  • 6005
  • 6060
  • E1E
  • E91E
  • NE4
  • NE5
  • 2024/7075 Series
  • 6262, 2014
  • Solution Heat treated Alloys

As a client centric business enterprise we have the proficiency to provide these products in customized designs like specific cut lengths (1-8mtrs) and succeed in completing even the bulk orders within the promised schedule.

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