We believe success is always accompanied by responsibility

Social Responsibility

Indo Alusys is a responsible corporate entity never losing sight of its accountability towards environment and society. Even in its endeavor to ensure commercial success, the company has always adopted policies that are compatible with business ethics and resorted to practices keeping in mind society in general and employees in particular.

Ensuring Safety of the Workforce

The growth of Indo Alusys over the years is an outcome of the dedication and proficiency of its team, which is our chief strength, we therefore want to ensure a supportive working environment that is safe and offers numerous avenues for professional development. Giving maximum importance to health and safety, company gives the benefit of health insurance schemes to its employees. For eliminating the risks of any kind of occupational hazards, we have adopted various health standards recommended by industrial regulatory bodies. The welfare and convenience of our employees is as important as their health and safety and to ensure this we provide well integrated housing facilities for them. Aside from this, the company also encourages both formal and informal dialogues between management and employees to address their concern and grievances.

Ensuring Environment Sustainability

Indo Alusys is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of diverse aluminium products but at the same time we aspire for the identity of being a well knownsustainable business solutions provider. Having developed a business model that not only aims to ensure economic prosperity but also gives tremendous consideration to environment integrity, we have taken the initiatives for a sustainable future. Our production unit is integrated with ultra-modern techniques that are highly energy efficient and help us in reducing our environmental footprint. In addition to this, we have also channelized fair portion of our resources into recycling techniques and waste management. There are separate facilities where the industrial waste is treated so that its dangerous effects are reduced to minimum

Governance and Ethics

At Indo Alusys we believe business ethics are more than just moral dictates for a company, these are building blocks that are instrumental in forming and strengthening the credibility of a brand in the market. The company since its inception has carved out a respectable place through its transparent business deals and ethical practices. Indo Alusys works in accordance with labor laws and other regulations and also fulfills its obligations towards all its stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers and government.

Assuring Future Development and Responsibility

Our philosophy is driven by future growth of the company and society at large, considering the use of strategy of benchmarking to sustain within the industry by fulfilling the future responsibilities and obligations with supremacy. Indo Alusys is geared for future and strives to build resoluteness through care and uniformity.